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Julie and I are so excited to share our devotional site with you.  Even though it’s still under construction and we haven’t finalized the design just yet, we wanted to begin our devotions.

You will be seeing the two of us writing devotionals here. Brenda Stroth (BFace2Face) and Julie Holland-Loveland (JRaisins). Julie and I met in 1974 on a bus trip to a Christian youth rally and have been BFF’s ever since. As grown-ups we are both writers, both Divas and both passionately in love with the LORD.  We are very happy to be collaborating on this devotional site.

We want to have a place where uniqueness is normal, where you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while you laugh with us, a place where we can all share our stories, and we can each deepen our relationships with God.

So we welcome you to our blog site!  Please click on the follow link so you don’t miss a thing. (and be sure to invite your friends!)  Tweet us!  @BeFace2Face and @J_Raisins.  We insist on hearing from you, so please comment when you stop by.

Submit your “You might be a diva if” quotes in the comments section. We just might use them! Here is our first submission:

You might be a DIVA if:   you put your makeup on before you go to bed.”  Joey Stroth

And all the Divas clap and say: Bravo! Bravo!


Throw on some lipstick and SMILE!


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“Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me?  Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet Praise Him, my Help and my God”.  Ps 42:5

I had such a Diva moment this week! 

I had a doctor’s appointment Thursday, and I was dressed appropriately and  2 steps ahead. Typically Diva!  That means I was wearing pressed designer jeans (2nd hand store key buy) and crisp white shirt, high heeled boots, jewelry, full on makeup and large hollywoodesqe sunglasses with my fitted black trench coat and faux Louis V shoulder bag. I was feeling great because my size 10 jeans were finally loose AFTER they had been washed and dried in the dryer.

We all know how great that feels!

This annual check up is what the insurance company uses as a standard to adjust our copay deductible for the next year.  If my cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and body mass levels meet my insurance company’s criteria then I get $450 applied toward my yearly deductible.

How am I suppossed to judge myself if I don’t know the standards by which I must be judged????  Good thing the INSURANCE company knows what standard to judge us by… I mean, where would we be if they didn’t tell us exactly where we should be! pfffff!

Blah blah blah….  No really, BLAH. BLAH. BLAH.

Anyway, I was chatting up the nurse and letting her know that I was quite nervous about meeting the insurance’s standard for BMI today and so I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours.  I tend to randomly chatter when I am nervous.   As I approached the scale, I began peeling off every item of clothing and jewelry  that I could possibly remove without being arrested.  Off came my earrings, bracelet, watch, coat, boots, socks, wedding band, hair clips….. the nurse started laughing and asked me what in the world was I doing????

I looked at her with a stunned expression!  Doesn’t everyone do this about this time of the year?  Maybe I could change into an exam gown if you have one that is handy??  She laughed at me.  I don’t think she realized I was serious!

“I must meet the company standard, for goodness sakes!”  Their standard is that a BMI of 30 or more is OBESE.  If I rated OBESE again, then I would not get the money toward our deductible.  I suddenly even considered if I had too much mascara on … NAW! That’s not possible!  hee hee

I finally got on the scale… scantily attired… exhaled as much air as I could without passing out (air weighs, doesn’t it) and she took my weight.  She slide the scale back so quicklly I couldn’t read it so I had no idea where I stood.  She ushered me into the exam room and began taking my blood pressure…  Think happy thoughts: rainbows, puppies, flowers, gardens, ocean waves, sharks… oops!  Think butterflies…


What a crazy world we live in where a size 8-10 is considered overweight.  Marilyn Monroe was a gorgeous size 14.  Where have we all gone wrong????

My doctor came in and I told her the drama that had occurred at the scales and that I had made the cut by 2 points.  She double checked my insurance paper work and said,

“Well, congrats!  You are no longer considered obese.  Now you are just overweight. Good job!”   (and I swear she looked at my belly as she said it!)



Who’s report do you listen to?  The Bible tells us to wait expectantly and hopefully in our God who is our Help!  We must choose to shake off the standard judgements of the world and be content where we are!   We are all beautiful, whether we are a size 2 or size 42!  We are unique to our Creator and totally loved.  We have the opportunity every single day, to bless those around us and to share the goodness of God with everyone we meet.  This week let’s practice being Thankful for who we are in God alone, and not let the world’s standards weigh us down! Set your heart to listen to God’s report of who you are and how valuable you are to Him and to His people.  Smile!  Throw on some lipstick and some hollywood-like sunglasses.  The world needs you, just as you are! Let your light shine sister-Diva!!